22-24, 2017.

Nairobi, Kenya



Topics: Productivity. Technology. Food Safety. Investments. Markets. Policy & Regulatory. Sustainability.

Theme: Unleashing technology to transform Africa’s agriculture & agri-business industry

The African Agro-Tech Summit provides suppliers of agrochemicals, inputs, equipment, packaging and services; Government agencies and NGOs with the right forum to showcase their products and services - to a demographic group of innovative farmers and other stakeholders from the region.

As an Exhibitor, your company will gain from the following:

üIdentify business opportunities in Africa as your company shall share forums and discussions where challenges and business opportunities in Africa shall be discussed by key decision makers

ü  Network and trade with farmers and other stakeholders from the region

ü  Connect with county, national and regional government decision makers and regulatory authorities who are at the fore front in formulating policies, legislations and also meet NGOs and research bodies involved in the agro supply chain

ü  Learn about the trends in Africa’s agriculture and agribusiness landscape

The following suppliers of products and services are expected at the event:

ü  Suppliers of agrochemicals and inputs

ü  Animal nutrition and health products and supplies

ü  Heavy farm equipment including tractors, harvesters, trucks and vehicles

ü  Farm equipment and supplies

ü  Irrigation and water equipment and supplies

ü  Farm building materials and services

ü  Crop protection products and systems

ü  Processing and packaging equipment and supplies

ü  Packaging materials – corrugated, paper, labels and sleeves

ü  Laboratory testing, infrastructure and software

ü  Consultancy services on farm management, systems and other services

ü  Financial and insurance companies

ü  IT and communications - mobile systems, software

ü  Environmental management, water

ü  Pest control and management

ü  Food companies and food service providers

ü  Government agencies and county governments

ü  Pumps, generators, solar systems and related

ü  Storage solutions and post-harvest systems

ü  Training agencies, universities and research organisations

ü  NGOs involved in the agriculture value chain

ü  Services to the agro industry - warehousing, distribution and transport

ü  Engineering services and systems - refrigeration, cooling and engineering supplies

For more information about exhibiting at the African Agro-Tech Summit conference & expo call us on +254 725 343932 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..