22-24, 2017.

Nairobi, Kenya



Topics: Productivity. Technology. Food Safety. Investments. Markets. Policy & Regulatory. Sustainability.

Theme: Unleashing technology to transform Africa’s agriculture & agri-business industry

The African Agro-Tech Summit is sub-Sahara Africa’s premier crop, horticulture and animal production, farm management, storage, value addition and marketing conference.

They say that each industry requires its own conference. The African Agro-Tech conference is the region’s ultimate gathering of the entire agriculture value chain from sub-Sahara Africa.

The conference seeks to achieve the following goals:

  • Provide a forum where innovative technologies and practices on crop and animal production, storage, value addition and marketing can be shared with the stakeholders;
  • Initiate dialogue with Government policy and regulatory agencies to improve technology, investment, production and market access space in the continent;
  • Provide a networking platform for the stakeholders in agriculture and agribusiness in the region;

Africa’s agriculture is at a critical phase. Rising population and urbanization within the continent and declining productivity at the farm, post-harvest losses and climate change continue to place Africa’s food security situation at risk.

Solutions, be they from the private sector, Government or civil society is required urgently to address the continent’s food insecurity scenario.

The African Agro-Tech Summit provides a mix of research and business related presentations that, put together, shall improve Africa’s agribusiness environment.

Speakers at the conference are expected to provide concise and clear action plans and ideas that shall make Africa great again – while improving farm incomes, boosting productivity, increasing quality and opening new markets for the continent’s produce.

We are seeking speakers in the following general topical areas:

  • Technology - Novel technologies that shall unlock productivity at the farm, at storage, in distribution and retailing.
  • Good agricultural & production practices - Practices that can be adopted by agriculture value chain players to boost productivity, improve quality and market access, and reduce food losses at the farm, storage, distribution, retail and consumption. We also expect presentations on ways to turn agriculture into a business.
  • Investments – Innovative ways to boost investment opportunities in Africa’s agriculture and agribusiness industry. National, regional or county Governments or agencies can also present on investment opportunities in their jurisdictions at the conference. We are also seeking funding models and schemes that have worked to boost investment in agribusiness in other regions, and which can be adopted in Africa.
  • Policy and regulation – The policy environment plays a critical role in agriculture. Speakers shall provide insights into ways policies and regulations need to be crafted to boost productivity, market access, farmer education and incomes in Africa.
  • Sustainability & Climate change – Speakers shall present findings that chart ways forward for Africa to boost climate change resilience and adopt sustainable practices at the farm and within the agriculture value chain.
  • Market Access & Value addition – Policies, technologies and practices that Africa must adopt to increase value addition of its produce locally and improve market access within and without the continent.
  • Food security – Ways to build resilient food security systems in Africa.

We shall be glad to provide to you more information about speaking at the Summit. Please contact us on Tel: +254 725 343932 or +254 20 8155022, or Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..