Free entry to all agri & agribiz stakeholders

April 8-9, 2016.

Nairobi, Kenya



Theme: Catalysing agriculture and value addition in the region through the adoption of innovative technologies and practices

The Nairobi Agro-Tech Farmers Expo is the regional farmers and agribusiness trade fair that targets farmers, traders, retailers and agro-processors within the Nairobi metropolitan area and the entire Eastern Africa region. 

By bringing this Expo to Nairobi City, we hope to provide an avenue for urban, peri-urban and regional agribusiness stakeholders to network, trade and learn about the ways the region can tap into its huge agricultural resource potential to feed its population and trade with the world.

This annual Expo is planned to be the season opener each year, being held just before the March-June long-rains start in the region – providing agribusiness stakeholders with a one-stop shop to access agrochemicals, inputs, equipment, packaging and services for the upcoming season.

The two-day Expo is expected to act as a catalyst to the region’s entire agriculture and agribusiness industry, impacting increased farm productivity and boosting value addition of crop, animal and horticulture resources.

The event shall attract stakeholders from Nairobi and neighboring counties. Those from Eastern Africa and the rest of Africa shall also easily access the event, considering the importance of Nairobi as a hub for business and trade in Eastern and Central Africa.

Why Nairobi as a venue for this Expo?

  • Nairobi hosts the largest number of medium and commercial scale farmers, who farm or control agriculture and agribusiness ventures in the region;
  • Nairobi is the biggest market for agro produce from Kenya and the Eastern and Central African region at large;
  • Nairobi is the hub that connects the Eastern and Central African region for agro processors, investors, Government agencies, NGOs and development partners who are key decision makers in the agribusiness industry;
  • Nairobi is well connected to Eastern, Central and Western Africa, providing a great opportunity for visitors from these regions to access the Expo to network, trade and learn.

The Trade Fair provides an opportunity to a number of players in the agriculture value chain to reach out to farmers, traders, exporters and other stakeholder by exhibiting at this one of a kind trade forum:

  • Suppliers of equipment, packaging, agrochemicals and services to the agriculture industry;
  • Food processors; exporters and packers of agricultural produce;
  • County, National and regional Government agencies with roles in agriculture, agri-business and trade
  • NGOs, foreign missions and development agencies involved in the agriculture value chain.

Parallel to the Expo, a two-day Workshop, where stakeholders will learn innovative technologies and practices on agricultural production, pests and disease management, value addition strategies, post-harvest management and marketing, will be held.